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This form provides an opportunity for you to evaluate the overall program and will assist the International Society in planning future educational programs. Your suggestions and comments are invited! Thank you.

1. Indicate your overall reaction to the SYMPOSIUM (scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent):
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2. Conference Evaluation (scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent):
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Educational Content
Adequacy of Session Handouts and Materials
Opportunity for Audience Interaction
Networking Opportunities
Sponsor Display Area
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3. Indicate your relationship to the employee benefits field:

4. Indicate your years of service in the employee benefits field.
5. Are you a new GBA or RPA this year?

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8. How many Symposiums have you attended?

9. Do you plan to attend the Employee Benefits Symposium - San Diego, California, August 23-26, 2020?

10. What topic(s), if any, should be added?

11. Please share what you find most valuable about attending the Symposium.

12. What immediate steps or actions will you take as a result of this conference?

13. Overall comments: